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August 24th

17h–17h05 FMICS Opening Remarks
Session 1
Verification Ákos Hajdu
Simon Thrane Hansen, Cláudio Gomes, Maurizio Palmieri, Casper Thule, Jaco van de Pol and Jim Woodcock
Verification of Co-Simulation Algorithms Subject to Algebraic Loops and Adaptive Steps
Cláudio Belo Lourenço, Denis Cousineau, Florian Faissole, Claude Marché, David Mentré and Hiroaki Inoue
Automated Verification of Temporal Properties of Ladder Programs
Maurice H. ter Beek, Vincenzo Ciancia, Diego Latella, Mieke Massink and Giorgio Oronzo Spagnolo
Spatial Model Checking for Smart Stations: Research Challenges
18h15–18h30 Coffee break
FMICS Keynote talk
Joe Kiniry
Haunting Tales of Applied Formal Methods from Academia and Industry

August 25th

Social lunch (Best Paper QEST)
Session 2
Program Safety & Education Maurice H. ter Beek
Hamid Jahanian
Parametric Faults in Safety Critical Programs
Robert Rubbens, Sophie Lathouwers and Marieke Huisman
Modular Transformation of Java Exceptions Modulo Errors
Bernd Westphal
On Education and Training in Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems
15h15–15h45 Coffee break
QEST Keynote talk
François Baccelli
Stochastic Geometry based Performance Analysis of Wireless Networks
16h45–17h Coffee break
Session 3
(Event-)B Modeling & Validation Cristina Seceleanu
Joshua Schmidt and Michael Leuschel
Improving SMT Solver Integrations for the Validation of B and Event-B Models
Ismail Mendil, Yamine Ait Ameur, Neeraj Kumar Singh, Dominique Méry and Philippe Palanque
Standard Conformance-by-Construction with Event-B
17h50–18h05 Coffee break

August 26th

CONCUR Keynote talk
Patricia Bouyer
Parameterized concurrent games
Social lunch (Best Paper FORMATS)
Session 4
Formal Analysis Simon Bliudze
Andrej Kiviriga, Ulrik Nyman and Kim Guldstrand Larsen
Randomized Reachability Analysis in Uppaal: Fast Error Detection in Timed Systems
Baptiste Pollien, Xavier Thirioux, Christophe Garion, Gautier Hattenberger and Pierre Roux
Verification of a Mathematical Library of an Autopilot with Frama-C
Davide Basile, Alessandro Fantechi and Irene Rosadi
Formal Analysis of the UNISIG Safety Application Intermediate Sub-Layer
15h15–15h45 Coffee break
FORMATS Keynote talk
Jana Tumova
Formal Methods for Robot Motion Planning with Time and Space Constraints
16h45–17h Coffee break
Session 5
Tools Anastasia Mavridou
Jens Bendisposto, David Geleßus, Michael Leuschel and Fabian Vu
ProB2-UI: A Java-based User Interface for ProB
Roberto Bruttomesso
Intrepid: a Scriptable and Cloud-ready SMT-based Model Checker
Daniel Larraz, Mickaël Laurent and Cesare Tinelli
Merit and Blame Assignment with Kind 2
18h15–18h30 Break
Session 6
Test Generation & Probabilistic Verification Dejan Nickovic
Quinn Thibeault, Jacob Anderson, Aniruddh Chandratre, Giulia Pedrielli and Georgios Fainekos
PSY-TaLiRo: A Python Toolbox for Search-Based Test Generation for Cyber-Physical Systems
Riley Roberts, Benjamin Lewis, Arnd Hartmanns, Prabal Basu, Sanghamitra Roy, Koushik Chakraborty and Zhen Zhang
Probabilistic Verification for Reliability of a Two-by-Two Network-on-Chip System
19h15–19h30 FMICS Closing Remarks