Below you will find the programme of the FORMATS conference. All times are in CEST. A general overview of the Qonfest programme can be found here.

The proceedings volume of FORMATS 2021 is officially published as volume 12860 of LNCS.

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August 24th

QONFEST opening session
FORMATS Keynote talk
Daniele Magazzeni Parosh Abdulla
Temporal Reasoning for Intelligent Financial Services: Examples and Challenges
Social lunch (Best Paper CONCUR, Pub Sponsor)
Session 1
Timed systems Hsi-Ming Ho
Thomas Mari, Thao Dang and Gregor Gössler
Explaining Safety Violations in Real-Time Systems
Eugene Asarin, Thomas Ferrère, Dejan Ničković and Doğan Ulus
On the complexity of timed pattern matching
15h15–15h45 Coffee break
CONCUR+QEST Keynote talk
Boudewijn Haverkort
Performance Evaluation: Model or Problem Driven?
16h45–17h Coffee break
Invited presentations 1
Timed automata Krishna S
Damien Busatto-Gaston, Benjamin Monmege, Pierre-Alain Reynier and Ocan Sankur
Robust Controller Synthesis in Timed Büchi Automata: A Symbolic Approach
Kim G. Larsen, Marius Mikučionis, Marco Muñiz and Jiří Srba
Urgent Partial Order Reduction for Extended Timed Automata
18h15–18h30 Coffee break
FMICS Keynote talk
Joe Kiniry
Haunting Tales of Applied Formal Methods from Academia and Industry

August 25th

Social lunch (Best Paper QEST)
Special session 1
Synthesis and control Igor Potapov
Jun Liu
Closing the Gap between Discrete Abstractions and Continuous Control: Completeness via Robustness and Controllability
Andrea Peruffo and Alessandro Abate
Formal Abstraction and Synthesis of Parametric Stochastic Processes
15h15–15h45 Coffee break
QEST Keynote talk
François Baccelli
Stochastic Geometry based Performance Analysis of Wireless Networks
16h45–17h Coffee break
Invited presentations 2
Timed games Engel Lefaucheux
Thomas Brihaye, Aline Goeminne
On Subgame Perfect Equilibria in Turn-Based Reachability Timed Games
Lorenzo Clemente, Sławomir Lasota, Radosław Piórkowski
Timed Games and Deterministic Separability
17h50–18h05 Coffee break

August 26th

CONCUR Keynote talk
Patricia Bouyer
Parameterized concurrent games
Social lunch (Best Paper FORMATS)
Session 2
Verification of timed systems Mickael Randour
Sebastian Lund, Kim G. Larsen, Marco Muñiz, Jesper A. van Diepen, Tobias R. Jørgensen and Tobias S. Andersen
An Integer Static Analysis for Better Extrapolation in Uppaal
Frederik Meyer Bønneland, Peter Gjøl Jensen, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Marco Muñiz and Jiří Srba
Stubborn Set Reduction for Timed Reachability and Safety Games
15h15–15h45 Coffee break
FORMATS Keynote talk
Jana Tumova Morteza Lahijanian
Formal Methods for Robot Motion Planning with Time and Space Constraints
16h45–17h Coffee break
Special session 2
Verification of nonlinear systems Sadegh Soudjani
Edward Kim, Stanley Bak and Parasara Sridhar Duggirala
Automatic Dynamic Parallelotope Bundles for Reachability Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
Sara Mohammadinejad, Brandon Paulsen, Jyotirmoy V. Deshmukh and Chao Wang
DiffRNN: Differential verification of Recurrent Neural Networks
FORMATS closure session & Business Meeting